Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Videos about Kenya

Here are some great videos made by my teammates the Omondis & Jill Senechal that I pulled off of the Omondi's Blog. A few of them I had never seen and they were educational to me as well:

This one was from the Denton Bible Missions Conference:

This was a documentary of a short term trip taken in 2005 that can help you get more acquainted with Kenyan culture:

And finally, here is a short video made by Dennis & Allison Omondi that does a great job at explaining our ministry and the values and beliefs of Serve:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A helpful audio file...

From a couple of peoples recommendations, I listened to a sermon by Mark Driscoll on the Emerging Church. For those of you like me who are just now learning about this important issue, Driscoll was actually a part of the original members that led the movement that is now labeled Emergent, but left the movement early on when he recognized his friends were questioning things that the Bible does not question but states as clear fact: Is there a hell? Does the Bible call homosexuality sin? Did Jesus really raise from the dead?

Driscoll has an insight to the movement beyond many people because of his involvement and even friendships with some of the spokesmen for the movement. This allows Driscoll to proclaim what is heretical but to do it with humility and with a deep love and sorrow for his friends who are teaching it.

Click here: Scroll down to "Mars Hill Church and The Emerging Church". You can listen online or right (ctrl) click and save the link to get the Mp3.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Sermon, Georgia, and Peace in Kenya - March 2008

So what is going on in the world of Benya? February was a good month. After beginning MTI again, getting sick, going to Georgia where I helped a friend move to beautiful Savannah, click for pictures, spending 20 whole hours visiting and 35 hours driving, and preaching my first church sermon on the tail end of the sickness, I think I feel I am getting into a routine. Now I just need to add some of things I've neglected like continuing support appointments and reading the Bible (kidding on the last one)!

The Sermon:
I was given the opportunity to preach at Denton Community Church and I am very pleased with the result. Not because I think I did a great job nor because I think I was hilarious and entertaining, but because many people came up to me and said that it was very applicable to their lives. The text was Genesis 30:25-43 and it was about creating a balanced trust in your life where you are not frantically acting all the time believing you have complete control over all situations in your life and you are not resting so fully in God's sovereignty that you have stopped working or acting all together. Faithfully resting in God's sovereignty and faithfully acting according to God's principles. This balance is something we all need. Without the trust in God's sovereignty, stress levels become unhealthy, and without the faithful action, we become lazy and not useful to God.

Kenya and the Kenya Team:
This month has allowed for several meetings with the full time missionaries of the Kenya team who are all still in town because of the political strife in Kenya. It has afforded good times of hanging out, getting to know one another, and planning for the future that are all very valuable to the future functioning of us as a team. Also, within this month the country itself has made some great progress in their negotiations between the two political leaders at strife with one another. President Mwai Kibaki has now agreed to create a Prime Minister position for Raila Odinga who was the opposing party that ran against him in the December elections (click here for more info.) This means that Kenya will prayerfully be at peace from the fighting and the country can begin turning their attention towards rebuilding and helping their people. Praise God! Keep praying for peace in Kenya as the Omondis and Jill look toward heading back to Kenya by the end of this month.

Prayer Points:
Please pray for this month as I will have some time off from school where I hope to have support appointments and to be diligent in working on school projects. Also, pray for the Kenya team as they head back to Kenya and for the country itself and its continued peace.

P.S. If I have your address, expect a letter from me this month - my first official, printed, BENYA newsletter. (Pray that I use my time wisely to get these out!)