Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Testament Survey

Today we just finished the Epistles of Paul in our New Testament Survey Course. By the end of it, I will have taught 13 out of the 27 books of the New Testament. It has been challenging, but very enlightening. I praise God for the privilege of studying and explaining His Word. Here is an attempt we made in class to summarize the books thus far with one word or phrase:

Matthew - Jesus as King
Mark - Jesus as Suffering Servant
Luke - Jesus as Son of Man
John - Jesus as Son of God
Acts - The Church - Foundation (Peter) & Spread (Paul)
Romans - Gospel of Righteousness
1 Corinthians - Correction
2 Corinthians - Defense of Ministry & Minister
Galatians - Freedom in Faith
Ephesians - Church
Philippians - Humility
Colossians - Worthy Life
1 Thessalonians - Future Hope
2 Thessalonians - Not Yet, so Stand Firm
1 Timothy - Guidebook
2 Timothy - Soldier
Titus - Practice what you Preach
Philemon - Forgiveness
Hebrews - Superior / Better