Friday, April 22, 2011

"Spring" Update

We don't really have a "Spring" here in Kenya. Actually, it is FINALLY starting to cool down just a little bit, although it is still quite hot. But it is not nearly as hot as it was last month. The rainy season has begun with little rains here and there and more clouds and slightly lower temperatures. It has been a relief!

I want to update you through a video here. This is a different video from the one below.

Also included below is another video from the 2010 Lausanne Conference that is my prayer for our church which is filled with very busy people who usually work 50-70 hours a week. I think you might find it important and applicable for you as well! Pray for yourselves, your church, and ours as well here in Kenya across the world, struggling with some of the same problems of modern life.

If you watch both videos, it will be about the time that it takes to watch an episode of Seinfeld that you fast forward through the commercials, but it will be of greater benefit. :)