Thursday, January 3, 2013

Moments of Substance

Having spent a total 5 weeks in the states over the last two years, I find myself somehow capable of seeing my home, my culture with new eyes. Not overly judgmental as I used to be towards my own country, or the 'Overly-Political Philosophy Drop-Out Student in Downtown Denton' ... view. Nor am I on the other extreme of loving and embracing everything that America has to offer me, or the 'Self-Indulging I Got To Lose Weight But I'm Never Gonna Try' ... view.

I guess it is simply a clarity of vision. I see things. And in the midst of so much physical stimuli, I also see what's not there. Often times what it is missing the most is SUBSTANCE...or at least moments of it. Watch the video I took below while on a safari in Kenya and consider the fullness of that one moment. I slowed it down so you can take it in deeper. We were connected face to face with such a magnificent and powerful animal in that second. A brilliant moment of substance.


A moment of substance can be found in big things like the elephant above or it could be in small things. Like a three year old suddenly giving an unexpected pose for the camera.
Daniel, James & Jacinta's son at a Team Retreat

In the picture below, we were at Pastor Daniel's house in Tanzania. His whole family stayed in a house smaller than most living rooms of an American house. But look at that smile, no joke, 100% real.

From Left, top row: Jerry Clark, Dennis Omondi, a cousin of the pastor, and Dudley Reed. Bottom Row: Pastor Daniel in Mwandege, Tanzania with his family. I only remember that the one in the purple shirt is named PraiseTheLord!

Or realizing you stand next to a godly and faithful African Christian Leader who is holding his passport with great pride because it has the name of his one-year-old country, the newest in the world, South Sudan.
Tito, holding a passport to the NEWEST country in the world: South Sudan

Or suddenly realizing that you are walking down a path and a lifestyle that has been traveled and lived for thousands of years.

Massai from Ben Warren on Vimeo.

Or a moment of substance can be as simple as one small word that keeps you going and moving in the right direction.

When was the last Moment of Substance you recognized while you were in it? When you have it in your head, praise God for it and ponder its importance in your life. 

And here's the big question:
Would you like to have some real moments of substance in the midst of your chaotic and busy lifestyles? I believe if you come out to the Missions Conference at Denton Bible Church on January 18-19, you will find one or two...or perhaps many! 

You will see the greatness of God and everything He is accomplishing throughout the world. You will meet some incredible people who motivate you to love and serve God in a passionate way. You will be able to connect with World Christianity and even participate in it through your knowledge, prayers, and actions. 

So come on out, and if you are still pondering it ask yourself, "Is it possible for me to get the same moments of SUBSTANCE by doing something else that Friday night and Saturday morning?"

Register by clicking the link here: "Treasures in Earthen Vessels"