Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pictures, Videos, & Sermons

Due to the fact that things have been VERY busy here in the Omondis' absence, I'm finding it hard to sit down and write a good update. So for now, I'd like to share with all of you some of the things I have been doing through Pictures, Videos, & Sermons!

This is our first Baptism Service. We were able to do this just before Dennis left on the 19th of Sept.
Baptism Service

In early October, I had the chance to go to a rural area about 5 hours from Nairobi. It was a LONG journey: 1 1/2 hrs. to Mombasa, 8 hrs to Nairobi, 4 hrs to Nkubu, 1 hr to Mitunguu, and 30 minutes on the back of a motorbike to get to our destination. It is an area called Meru. Daniel Gitonga, our Serve intern, grew up there and is hoping to return to his home in order to teach and train pastors and work with his father in ministry. Missionaries and other NGO workers typically don't go there, so they were very happy to receive us and their hospitality was amazing. I don't ever remember being hungry! I was sick with a cold during that time but God gave me grace especially on the day of our seminar where 50 people showed up. Three old men rode their bicycles for an entire DAY in order to arrive in Karoche where the church was. They spent the night, went to the seminar, spent the night again, and rode for an entire day back. They are hungry for the Word and willing to sacrifice in order to receive it. Pretty amazing! Daniel's father is also a very influential leader in the area who has been preaching and doing ministry for 40 years. He also has established an irrigation system in his town which has really blessed a lot of the local farmers. Most of the people there simply live off the land.

BTCP Trip to Meru

Just the other week, the young people of our church (really college age) put together a Mbuzi Choma (Goat Burn) party where they bought a goat, slaughtered it, cooked it, and ate it. I led them in a Bible Study on the link between trust/faith and obedience. It was a really good time and a blessing.

Mbuzi Choma (Goat Burn)

As for the videos:
Dennis had asked me to make videos of many places and since they are already online now, I thought I'd share them with you:

And lastly, the sermons:

I have been preaching since Dennis left every Sunday. We are doing a series on Jesus' Discourses and Matthew. We started with the Great Commission and then moved back to Matthew 5. We are on Ch. 6 of the Sermon on the Mount now. Feel free to listen or download!