Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Graduated but not Graduated

15 books,
576 hrs. of class,
30 projects, papers, & presentations,
1 year of internship with practical ministry training at Denton Community Church,
2 months of teaching, preaching, and observing in Kenya,
and 3 semesters later,

I have finished Denton Bible Church's Missions Training Institute. There will be a graduation ceremony in May along with several people from Denton Bible's BTCP/BTCL classes.

It's been a challenging journey but extremely rewarding. Not only have I been blessed with an incredible education, but I feel like I truly have been trained and prepared for ministry on the mission field. And the coolest thing about all this is that my teachers have now become my bosses. I now know these men both personally and professionally and they know me. I have seen first-hand their character, their family life, and their spiritual life. This will allow me to submit to their leadership in a trusting manner and follow their decisions without reservation yet still feel comfortable enough to give my own input and opinions. I will be sent out from Denton Bible Church as a Denton Bible commissioned missionary through SERVE, the missions agency of DBC. My own church has trained me, prepared me for ministry, and is now sending me out to continue to work under their authority and leadership in Mombasa, Kenya.

I cannot imagine better circumstances and a better situation to serve God in missions. What a blessing it has been to be equipped in this way and to continue the journey with such great and humble men of God. I am honored to be in this place. I thank you all so much for your prayers during this time, your financial support to allow me to intern at Denton Community Church for the past year, and for joining with me as a part of gospel ministry both in your own areas and with me through your support.

Please pray for the other graduates as they continue their own journeys to the mission field: Tania Woodruff (France), Ray Franks (France), Chancey Graves (France), & Clay Cooper (my roommate looking towards the unreached).

P.S. For those of you interested in pursuing missions, I HIGHLY recommend this training program. So sign up for a Missions Stint and get started down the road as ministers of the gospel to the nations. It's worth the sacrifice. God is worth the sacrifice. Is He not?