Monday, December 31, 2007

Pray for Kenya

Please pray for Kenya that the violence will stop soon. After the current president was re-elected, violence broke out from the opposition and claims of fraud in the counting of the votes were spoken. 100 are dead mostly in Nairobi and western Kenya, Kisumu. Please pray that this will stop immediately. All the Denton Bible Missionaries are here in the states for a Missions Conference - good timing.



BBC News Article

Monday, December 17, 2007

Denton Community Church

In my last update I said I'll be working with Lifeline Church. Well, after some good advice from my teachers and talking to several people I have decided to work with Denton Community Church mostly because I need to branch out from College ministry. I love Lifeline, but right now it consists mostly of college students and I'd like some more ministry experience among adults, families, and youth.
The great part about all this is that by the time I get to Kenya full-time there is a high possibility that Dennis Omondi will be pastoring a church and need me to do a lot of work within that church. God is good and He has a definite purpose for me working with Denton Community Church. I am going to find out all the things that Dennis would like me to have more experience in and then attempt to get as much experience in those areas at Denton Community Church.

I'm very excited about this next year.

Thank you for praying!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Missions Journey

The above diagram comes from a highly respected man with 30 years of missions/ministry experience. When asked in our Missions Training class, what he feels the most important thing to tell us as we prepare for the field, he gave us this.

Why is it that we so often seek to find the specific country God wants us to go to first? Have we gotten into the habit of doing things a little backward? Here, he says that the vision is the first priority, the vehicle the next, and then the venue can be addressed. As you make these choices in your journey towards the mission field, the question of where is actually narrowed by the answers of the first two. If you know why you are going (vision) and you know how you are going (vehicle), where you will go simply takes care of itself.

This has been my experience: Vision (discipleship and evangelism); Vehicle (Denton Bible, MTI, and Serve); Venue: Kenya. Why Kenya? It just got narrowed down and I feel that Kenya is the place and the team that God wants me to join above all the others that DBC has on the field. God's will became much more obvious as I narrowed down the choices.

Something to think about if you are currently on this journey.