Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stolen Updates

Hello all. I apologize for my recent silence / black out. I promise a real update from me personally by next week. In the meantime, Dennis Omondi gave me a good idea to just let all of you know of a few updates he has written during this time with our current Short Term Team from Denton Bible Church. Enjoy these three updates from the Omondis:

The first is an excellent challenge in regards to the Spiritual Poverty that reigns in Kenya along with some pictures of a conference we had in Ujamaa with BTCP alumni:
Spiritual Poverty

The second is another update with more pictures from Ujamaa:

Thursday Update

And the last is what you should click on if you only have time for one! Graduation Ceremony at Serve Kenya Ministries! With excellent pictures of the graduating class of 2011!

This Is Why We Are Here

Enjoy! And you will hear from me soon!

In Christ,