Tuesday, December 14, 2010


After a really relaxing and enjoyable transition week in Dubai / Oman with some great friends, I am back in Texas! I will be here in Dallas/Denton until the end of January through the Denton Bible Missions Conference

Once again I got to go on a really awesome hike in Oman, then later that week on a tour of Old Dubai complete with sharks, gold, spices, and a dhow ride across the channel. This is what I have pictures of, but the best things about my visit are simply moments enjoyed together with good friends, encouraging conversations, times of prayer, and learning how to best pray for my friends. Enjoy the pictures here:
Goodbye Cake, Oman, & Old Dubai

Please forgive the lack of updates. I've come to a place where I can't even remember what's the last thing that I wrote to you all about. Probably something about the trip out to Meru. Well since then, things have been busy as usual. Before getting on a plane to come home for a while, I was able to continue preaching a series on the Sermon on the Mount and complete that. Also, I was able to finish the Bible Doctrine Survey class Ujamaa.

With Dennis and I gone, the main person in charge is James Muthee. He will continue to lead the church leadership team and be taking his fair share of preaching as well. Please pray for James, Jacinta, and their baby Daniel. It's a lot to take on by yourself and there is a good share of issues that are coming up within the church as usual.

In the meantime, I will be here in Dallas / Denton enjoying Christmas, my family, my friends, and supporters.

God bless (Jhn 3.30), and thank you for your prayers.

Ben Warren.