Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen and kids of all ages. I have finally edited my 1,000 pictures I took this summer to around 250. I hope you enjoy them and can get a glimpse of what my summer was like. Don't worry, some words are on their way too with an update of some sort. Click on the link below. I suggest the "Slideshow" view in the top left, above the thumbnails. ENJOY!

Kenya 2008 Photo Album

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shillings to Dollars

Sixty-five shillings to a dollar.

In many ways that describes cultural re-adjustment to me. When I went to Kenya there were 65 new things I had to learn for every one thing I already knew. Now, upon coming back to America, things are reduced significantly. I find it so easy to slip back to the way of life I have known for so long. Small things are interesting though. I enter into a house and automatically take my shoes off as they do in Kenya. I drove for the first time since I've been back and very briefly find myself on the left side of the road. I find myself staring at American money and thinking, "Has it always looked so weird?"

I watched a little television yesterday which is something I am realizing that I prefer not to do. It really makes sense that Americans are so solution-oriented. You got a problem or any minor discomfort in life? Fix it. Do it yourself, take hold of the reins of life and buy, buy, buy my product! I had forgotten how weight-oriented, image-focused, and drug-happy us Americans can be. If you watch television, may I suggest a technique of my friend Josh McCallister? Mute the commercials and yell at your television saying, "I don't need a new cell phone! I don't care if it's truck month. Every month is truck month and I don't need a new truck!" How great would it be if your kids started saying, "I don't need that new toy, I'm perfectly content with the one I have." Not likely, but you never know unless you try.

But you know, that's our culture...which isn't to say we accept everything that our culture feeds us, yet we don't give in to it either. Everyone fights culture at times and rides the current of it at other times. Wisdom is found in knowing what to fight and when to ride.

Regardless, I'm very glad to be home. Why? Because it is home, and nothing will ever change that.